About Bel Sýry Česko

Global player in healthy, dairy, fruit and plant-based products.

BEL Sýry Česko a.s. is part of the BEL Group – an international family-owned business run by the fifth generation of its French founders that ranks among the world’s largest producers in the single-serve packaged cheese category. The BEL Group’s growth is mainly driven by its strong core brands such as The Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Mini Babybel®, Boursin®, GoGo squeeZ® and Nurishh® – all with market-leading positions and a geographic mix of business activities.

The BEL Group’s product portfolio is much more extensive, with both international and local brands under which cheese and other dairy, fruit and plant-based products are sold. The range of products is available in more than 120 countries, and the company owns 29 production plants on 5 continents and has branches and subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. The implementation of the Group’s growth strategy is facilitated by almost 12,510 employees.

Operating in the Czech market since 1995, BEL Sýry Česko a.s. currently employs over 200 people. In the Czech Republic, the production plant is located in Želetava
and the company branch is based in Prague.

BEL is one of the five largest cheese producers in the Czech market and is the market leader in processed cheese in the Czech Republic. Our product portfolio is spread across the different categories of the cheese market. The hard cheese category is represented by the Mini Babybel® brand, fresh cheese is represented by the Gervais® brand, processed cheese includes the internationally known The Laughing Cow® (in Czech known as Veselá kráva®) and Kiri®, and then there are the popular local brands Smetanito® and Želetava®. A new addition to our portfolio is the Nurishh® brand, offering plant-based cheese alternatives.