­Bel’s mission and values


Our mission is to bring healthier and more responsible eating to all consumers around the world, in more places, on more occasions. We offer a range of healthy foods for everyone to enjoy great dairy, fruit and plant-based products. Giving everyone a healthy and sustainable diet is a priority challenge for the whole society. We continuously improve our products in an effort to find long-term solutions. As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of focusing our activities on future generations.

Our values

Bel’s corporate values are represented by three basic elements of its corporate culture.

DARE – Courage to act is a prerequisite for our leading position, enabling all employees to make and take decisions in a complicated and unpredictable world. The flexibility of our organisation, coupled with the enthusiasm of our teams, creates a space that is open to change and creativity. This is how our courage to act becomes a driver of innovation and good performance in all our activities.

CARE – Responsible attitude is a philosophy that guides our relationships both inside and outside our company and is also reflected in our logo: “For All for Good”. We firmly believe in relationships that are close, straightforward and challenging, but also honest. We create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that supports growth, creates a willingness to act and enables success. We are convinced that, like our brands, optimism and enthusiasm bring about positive change in society.

COMMIT – Our active engagement leads to both individual and collective responsibility to achieve excellence. Our active engagement also means taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders: employees, consumers, institutions, customers and suppliers. By developing competencies, high quality requirements and respect for the environment, we contribute to achieving the Bel Group’s ambitions, firmly believing that, like our brands, optimism and enthusiasm bring about positive change in society.